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Congratulations to our CHPS students and the entire school community.  Our first ever Kiwanis / CHPS Read-a-thon raised $4,872.50!  This is fantastic and meant the today we were able to present a cheque to the Canadian Red Cross - Nepal Relief for $1218.12!  Bravo CHPS!!


Grade 1's in Ms. Kelly-Rubinoff's class get ready to send 'Rudy' their Painted Lady butterfly free after watching it grow through the stages of metamorphosis.  


Read-a-thon Update

Please note that Kiwanis Read-a-thon pledge envelopes are due on Monday, May 25th!  All student MUST reurn their envelope. 

Please click HERE to read Dr. Jennifer Adams, Director of Education for the OCDSB's letter to the OCDSB community with an update on ElementrayTeacher's labour relations.  

CHPS In the News

School Learning Plans

Twice per year, every school across the Province of Ontario identifies one or more areas of the Mathematics or Language Arts (English and French) curriculum that will be the focus of their School Learning Plan (SLP). The staff gives additional emphasis to this specifically targeted area and provides direct instruction to the students for a 4-6 week period.  This instruction may be ‘cross-curricular’ but has been carefully selected by each staff team based on a particular need within the student population.  Students are first 'pre-assessed' in this area of focus and then these results are used to guide the instruction. As the 4-6 week period draws to a close, teachers re-assess the students in a 'summative' assessment to measure each student's commence rate growth. The CHPS faculty met last week and have identified three specific goals for our students.  Please make sure to ask your son or daughter about the class goal.  If you have any questions about the goal, or about your child's progress, please do not hesitate to contact their teacher. 

Primary (Kindergarten – Grade 3) Goal:

If we model, practice, and use the Carleton Heights PS Writing Continuum to help students grow as writers, then they will be better able to clearly express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas successfully in their writing.

Junior (Grade 4-6) Goal:

If we promote active listening by explicitly teaching appropriate listening behaviour, then our students will demonstrate an understanding of oral texts and/or explanations, and be able to clearly and appropriately express their feelings, thoughts and ideas orally and/or in writing.

Intermediate (Grade 7-8) Goal:

In reading, if we explicitly teach strategies for summarizing text such as, but not limited to, highlighting, using graphic organizers, taking notes and identifying the main idea, pertinent details, and the author’s conclusion, then our students will improve their summaries of grade-level fiction and non-fiction texts.


Message from Our Director Regarding the Possibility of Potential Strike Action in our Secondary Schools

You may have recently received a 'Synervoice' phone call from the OCDSB's Director of Education, Dr. Jennifer Adams.  Please click HERE to view a copy of Dr. Adam's message.  To read the latest update on labour relations, CLICK HERE

 Fun Food Friday – Spring Orders

This is just a reminder that Fun Food Friday Order Forms are due to be returned to the office by tomorrow.  If you have not yet seen the spring order form, please ask your child to double check their school bag as they were sent home on March 13th.  However, if the form still cannot be found, please click HERE to download a copy. 

Indoor Line-up Name the Bonhomme Contest

A warm welcome is extended to our new "Bonhomie Brothers" who will stand on guard outside of the school on indoor line mornings.  These plastic figures were named by our Student Leadership Team after they reviews over a hundred names from our Name the Bonhomme Contest!

Grade 4-8 French Immersion at Carleton Heights PS

Our school is the home of one of the OCDSB’s top rated French Immersion Programs.  Please consider registering your child for the 2015-2016 school year

Shirley Seward (Chair of the OCDSB) cuts the ribbon at CHPS's official Grand Re-opening










The CHPS Girls Volleyball Team Chomps Down on their Silver Medals

The CHPS Boys Volleybal Team Warms up Before a Quarter Final Game


    Carleton Heights in the fall

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